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This is the material that is used to put color onto a substrate. Vinyl comes in an almost unlimited array of colors and grades. Vinyl starts at an indoor grade and goes up to a premium outdoor vinyl with every type in between. Vinyl is also available in reflective, holographic, chrome, gold leaf, silver leaf, and many other types as well.

For the purposes of ordering we use the following scale to indicate what grade of vinyl should be used on the sign. We offer many standard types, but amy specific quality can be special ordered. You should ask a sales representative for further information regarding special order vinyl.

We proudly use Avery Dennison and Oracal vinyl products.

Avery Dennison signage page.Oracal home page.

Vinyl Types, Features and Notes
Vinyl Type Life Expectancy Special Notes

Premium Grade Vinyl

7+ years

Available in gloss finish

Standard Grade Vinyl

4+ years

Available in matt & gloss finish

Indoor Grade Vinyl

3+ years

Available in matt & gloss finish. Not recommended for application to metal substrates.

Removable Vinyl

3 years

Available in matt finish. Removes easily and leave no residue.

Translucent Vinyl

5-7 years

Available in satin finish. Intended for use on illuminated signs and other transparent substrates.

“Frosted Glass” Vinyl

5 years (available in gold and silver)

Intended for use on store front windows and other glass-like substrates.

Fluorescent Vinyl

4-6 years

Available in 5 day-glow colors.

Reflective Vinyl

4-6 years


Metallic Vinyl

5-7 years

Also available in ultra-metallic

Shade Shifting Vinyl

5 years

Changes color as angle shifts.

Holographic Vinyl

Not Specified

Not intended for long term use

Gold/Silver Leaf Vinyl

5 years


Dry Erase Vinyl

Not Specified

Intended for indoor use only.