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This substrate is constructed of a plywood base, faced with aluminum. It is available in single or double sided varieties. The aluminum facings give a smoother overall appearance to the sign. This substrate is intended for long term outdoor life. These signs are limited only by the lifetime of the chosen vinyl.

We buy our quality Nu-Alum from Wrisco Industries Inc. More information about the construction of Nu-Alum can be found at this sight.



To install a nu-alum sign you should treat it just as if it was strictly wooden. You can drill into it and screw through it, however hammering is not advised as it may dent the aluminum facings. Brackets can be used to attach these signs to posts, make sure to specify a double sided sign when ordering as the substrate is available in single or double sides.



To clean a nu-alum sign simply rinse off with water. For stubborn spots use a mild detergent and a soft rag to wipe. Do not use anything abrasive as it may scratch the surface of the sign. These signs are constructed of a marine grade plywood base; however, wood is susceptible to water damage and every few years the sign should be inspected for water damage. If any damage is noted, steps should be taken to dry and re-seal the sign.