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Ready to Apply Vinyl Lettering

Ready to Apply Vinyl Lettering.


RTA is a sticker. It could be letters, it could be shapes, it could be any design you specify. Vinyl quality and intended application will determine what grade of vinyl you should select from our vinyl grading chart.



Installing RTA is fairly simple depending on the size of the graphic. For large projects we strongly recommend using at least two people to insure proper alignment. First you must carefully clean the application area with an appropriate cleanser. Next you should clean the area with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue the cleaner might leave behind. Then carefully remove the backing from the vinyl graphic and spray the decal and the application area with a generous amount of application fluid. Place the decal onto the installation area and measure from the top of the decal to a registration mark (i.e. the edge of a sign) to assure proper alignment. Next, starting from the center and going out to the edges using the squeegee included in your order, gently work the bubbles out from underneath the decal. Allow the decal to dry slightly approximately 15-45 minutes depending on level of saturation. Lastly, remove the tape pulling slowly from a corner and taking care not to let any of the decal come up with the tape. If the decal comes up with the tape it is not yet dry enough. Let it dry completely and then remove the tape.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, download this PDF file



Wipe gently with a soft cloth using a mild detergent. Do not use a pressure washer to clean these letters as they may be blown off. These letters can damaged if abrasive cleaners are used. These letters can be scratched off with something as simple as a finger nail and some persistence. If any of your letters go missing, you can reorder individual letters if you retain your order number and purchase date.