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Internally Lit Signs


These signs are generally used near the street when you business needs to be noticed at night. They also give a very professional and elegant appearance at ground level situated in a garden or on a brick foundation. Shopping centers usually have a pylon sign at the entrance to the parking lot listing the different businesses in the center. These signs can be easily changed for a new tenant because the “can” or fixture remains and the facing of the sign is all that is changed. These signs are made of either Lexan or acrylic and are weatherproofed. These signs are flexible when not incased in a fixture and can be broken or fractured with an impact.



These signs usually require a professional installation however small signs can usually be installed by the purchaser. If any special wiring is required, make sure to consult a licensed electrician. Installation methods vary according to the sign location desired. Please ask one of our friendly sales people for further information.



These signs are very easily cared for by simply rinsing with water. For persistent spots use a mild detergent and soft cloth to wipe. Do not scrub as the surface may be scratched. Periodically, the light bulbs will have to be replaced. Instructions will be included with your sign for replacement with consideration given to individual circumstances.