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This substrate is constructed of a corrugated plastic base faced with aluminum. It is a very rigid substrate but only half as thick as the conventional plywood based substrates. Therefore one of its benefits, is that it is much lighter than the plywood based substrates. This sign base gives a very smooth lettering surface and is the best choice when weight is a concern.

We are a distributor of Wrisco Industries IncAlumacorr. More information about the construction and quality of Wrisco Alumacorr can be found at this sight.



To install an Alumacorr sign you should treat it just as if it was wooden. You can drill into it and screw through it, however hammering is not advised as it may dent the aluminum facings.



The signs are virtually maintenance free to clean simply rinse off with water. For stubborn spots use a mild detergent and a soft rag to wipe. Do not use anything abrasive as it may scratch the surface of the sign.